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What We Do

Oliver Blumgart Designs, designs and manufactures fabrics, wallpapers, tiles, lampshades and pillows of the highest caliber to fit seamlessly into any environment.  Our handcrafted designs are taken from the Oliver Blumgart collection of watercolor paintings; they are digitally rebuilt and manipulated enabling us to offer a multitude of elegant ground fabrics and colors.

Our fabric designs are both hand screened, and digitally, printed onto a selection of beautiful cloths in a plethora of colors to suit all palettes. 

Our wallpapers utilize similar designs derived from original Oliver Blumgart water color paintings.  In contrast to our fabrics, our wallpapers are digitally printed allowing OBD to adapt to your individual color and pattern size needs in a timely fashion while maintaining a superior finish. 

We specialize in custom colors and options are available to suit a variety of both residential and commercial applications.

Accompanying our fabrics and wallpapers, we also design and manufacture a complete array of custom tiles, lampshades and furniture along with a limited selection of beautiful accessories.

Development of the OBD line of fabrics and wallpapers has been an enormous learning curve and I am thrilled to be able to offer my unique designs in some beautiful fabrics, wallcoverings, and other home accessories.  I sincerely hope that you get as much pleasure from our lines as I have had creating them.

Ideas and inspiration

I love geometry and symmetry and the extraordinary beauty hidden in their apparent simplicity, and I always have. Drawing and painting new designs is a release for me.

Many of the designs are extremely simple when one views the original painting; not until you see the repetition that the full picture emerges, like individual ingredients in a recipe that develop into a mouthwatering experience. The color choices and sizing are what make the designs change moods; the same design in a simple black and white evokes a completely different feeling in a different shade.

Geometry, symmetry, pattern and color is all around…

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